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Teku Sky God Glass!

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PRODUCT NAME: Teku God of Heaven Glass!

SIZE : 11.2 oz - 33 cL

Our official glass, with a modern look and clean curves.

The Teku glass was created in 2006. Its name is the acronym of the first names and nicknames of its two Italian creators, the master brewer Teo Musso and the famous zythologist Lorenzo “Kuaska” Dabove. It is often considered the best tasting glass suitable for most types of beer. Its tulip shape is designed to enhance the flavors, narrowing towards the middle to retain carbonation and release aromas.

Its thin stem allows you to hold the glass without heating the contents and to keep the beer at a good temperature. The curve of the rim naturally invites sipping rather than taking big gulps.

It is recommended to fill the glass half or three-quarters full in order to preserve the volatile aromas in the glass and to fully enjoy the tasting with your nose and taste buds!

IDEAL FOR: Versatile glass, perfect for all styles of beer or even cider.

FINAL SALE: Please note that glasses are non-refundable and cannot be returned unless the product is defective.

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