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Belgian glass

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SIZE : 12 oz

Our classic glass.

Perfect for strong beers, the rounded tulip shape of the Belgian glass allows the most subtle flavors to be concentrated and its chalice opening helps release the aromas. The curvature of the glass makes serving easier and contributes to the formation of a beautiful neck of foam capturing the volatile aromas and allowing the rich taste of the beer to be retained for longer.

The base of the glass is solid and designed for an ergonomic grip, protecting the beer from heat transfer when holding the stem, or on the contrary to warm it when its temperature is considered too cold when holding the flask from below.

IDEAL FOR : The perfect glass for tasting a wide variety of beers, but particularly our Belgian style beers such as Rigor Mortis Abt, Genèse, Blanche du Paradis, or even Rosée d'Hibiscus.

FINAL SALE: Please note that glasses are non-refundable and cannot be returned unless the product is defective.

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